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Home » Archangels – Who Are The 17 Archangels and What Is Their Meaning?

Archangels – Who Are The 17 Archangels and What Is Their Meaning?

    Archangels - Who Are The 17 Archangels and What Is Their Meaning


    What Is An Archangel?

    What Is An Archangel List

    An archangel is an angel with a high ranking. It is believed that the archangel represents the one in charge, known as the “chief angel”. While the term “archangel” only appears twice in the Holy Bible, the scriptures represent a power that is not shared with the other angels. When the archangel is mentioned in the two scriptures – Jude 1:9 and Thessalonians 4:16 – it shows readers an unimaginable power that is reckoned with. Even Satan himself knows the power of the archangel. In the scripture Jude 1:9, the archangel is referred to as “Michael“.

    God created archangels to be in charge of the other angels. It is not known whether there are more than the one archangel known as Michael in the Bible but some Christians and those from other religious faiths believe they are more than just one. With that said, Michael appears to be the angel who holds the highest power in Heaven.

    What are the archangels’ responsibilities? Well, the archangels’ responsibilities are mentioned in the Bible in the scripture Daniel 10. The archangel is responsible for engaging in “spiritual warfare.”. Another scripture – 1 Thessalonians 4 – also speaks of the archangels’ duties. In this scripture, the archangel is connected to Christ’s return.

    Archangel duties are also mentioned in the scripture of Jude 1:9. In this scripture, the archangel is responsible for dealing with the devil. The archangel Michael is very close to God in the Bible, as we can see in the scriptures where it calls on God to rebuke the devil. In the scriptures, Michael expresses his disapproval of Satan’s actions. Not only do these scriptures show the close tie Michael has with God but they also show his high level of power.

    Just when you think you are alone, an archangel is there to help. Archangels are everywhere, you just need to be accepting of the idea to reap the wonderful rewards of the heavenly divine.

    How To Ask Angels For Help?

    How To Ask Angels For Help?

    It is truly not that difficult to seek help from the angels. There are no special rituals involved, which is very different from the way Native Americans seek help from the Great Spirit. You do not need to perform a smoke cleansing, you just need to ask. However, some people believe it is necessary to pray when asking for guidance, direction, and help from the heavenly celestial beings. In this case, you would need to kneel and say a prayer. In all actuality, these rituals are not necessary to reach out to the angels.

    To communicate with the angels, it is possible to do it telepathically, which involves the mind. While God does not give angels unrestricted access to your thoughts, they can communicate telepathically. So, whenever you need help or guidance from the angels, you can simply speak through your thoughts.

    You can also verbally communicate with the angels. Verbal communication is better left to the times when you are alone. During these times, you can voice your needs out loud. When privacy is not an option, you can write to the angels and ask them for help. While you write, you put your thoughts into words, which the angels have a way of understanding.

    Last, but not least, it is possible to communicate with angels through dreams. You can invite the angels into your dreams to ask them for guidance and/or help while you are asleep.

    17 Archangels Names and Meanings

    Archangel Gabriel Archangel Gabriel

    Gabriel is known as the strong one and the divine messenger. He is powerful and loving. He governs communications, strength, and beginnings. If you allow Gabriel to help you, he can teach you how to accept and interpret direct messages from the Divine ones. He is one of the most popular archangels for an array of reasons. If you read the Bible, you’re going to find his name throughout the Old and New Testaments. The name Gabriel stands for God is my strength. There is debate about whether Gabriel is a male or female.

    Remember that Angels use gender as a way to convey energy. So, they may seem female one day and male the next. If you’re worried about something and wish to connect with the angels, you should start with Gabriel. He can give you strength and help guide you to safety.

    Archangel Metraton Archangel Metatron

    Metatron is the angel of life. He is responsible for guarding the tree of life and is tasked with writing down the good deeds people do. He also jots down the things that happen in heaven. It is often said in the Book of Life that Metatron is the brother of Sandalphon. You can depend on Metatron to help you. If you’re trying to make a big decision in your life and you’re not sure what to do, you should consult with this angel. This angel can help you raise your vibrational energy so you can fulfill any demand you encounter. Metatron has embarked on a special mission to help children grow into adulthood.

    He also helps those that have spiritual and psychic gifts.

    Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael

    Archangel Michael is often referred to as the Principle of Light. He is one of God’s most adamant champions and a dragon slayer. Michael is a protector. He will protect you against negative and psychic attacks. He can also protect someone from astral debris. When you see a picture of Michael, there is a good chance that he is going to have a sword and shield. This shows off his ability to fight and protect. Michael is the most powerful angel so it is wise to have him by your side. On the Day of Judgment, Michael will be responsible for weighing all human souls on the scales.

    It is pertinent to do good in life so you can pass Michael’s test. If you need protection, you should reach out to Archangel Michael.

    Archangel Raphael Archangel Raphael

    Raphael is best known as the healing god. His name means he who heals. He is one of the few archangels who had been sainted by the church. This angel is known as the patron of the sick as well as those who heal the sick. So, there is a good chance that he is going to work closely with pharmacists, nurses, and doctors. Raphael will meet any sickness and suffering and he can deal with all kinds including mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

    He is compassionate and caring for others. If you’re dealing with an illness and cannot find relief, you should look no further. Raphael has several duties including providing healing and comfort providing guidance to caregivers and protecting travelers.

    Archangel ArielArchangel Ariel

    People usually refer to Ariel as the Lioness of God. She is one of the most powerful Archangels and she can be very helpful if you allow her into your life. This angel can help you achieve your physical and material needs. Ariel is tasked with overseeing the natural world meaning she is closely associated with nature and animals. Ariel will be very important for people who are interested in helping protect the environment. For instance, she can help aid people when they’re trying to deal with an environmental disaster. This archangel can also help protect and heal injured animals.

    If you want to be a protector of Mother Nature, you’ll need to align yourself with Archangel Ariel. She can help people meet their material needs as well as achieve wealth and abundance. 

    Archangel HanielArchangel Haniel 

    Haniel is known as the Joy of God or the Grace of God. While angels are not male or female, Haniel is often portrayed as a woman. Haniel is best known for being the angel of joy and helping maintain divine communication. Haniel is responsible for connecting a person’s human energy and higher energy. One of her most important duties is to help women heal during their monthly cycles. She can also help you become more intuitive. She is known for helping people achieve clairvoyance as well. This angel is a protector of souls and can help you fulfill your higher purpose.

    Do not hesitate to call upon Haniel because this angel will not hesitate to help. 

    Archangel JophielArchangel Jophiel 

    Jophiel is the angel of wisdom and beauty. It is important to understand that angels do not have a gender. Nevertheless, it is believed that Jophiel has feminine traits. This is why she is often referred to as the beauty of God. She is also known by the names Sophiel and Iofiel in certain traditions. Jophiel works with artists and often helps them find their artistic creativity. She has high vibrational energy and can move quicker than your thoughts. She is known for healing negative emotions and bringing calm during chaotic situations.

    If you’re going through turmoil and need to right the ship, you should rely on Archangel Jophiel. She is the one who will be able to guide you to safety. 

    Archangel MurielArchangel Muriel

    You’ll find that Muriel’s name means the “perfume of God” so she is very important. This archangel governs intuition and emotion. She is gentle and compassionate, willing to aid anyone who calls upon her. If you’re in doubt and need guidance, it would be wise to call upon Muriel because she will not turn a blind eye to someone in need. She will develop a strong connection with people who are struggling to deal with their emotions. If you need emotional support, you should not hesitate to call upon Muriel since she is going to aid anyone.

    Archangel UrielArchangel Uriel

    Archangel Uriel is often referred to as the angel of wisdom. He can help shine a light on God’s truth when you’re stumbling through darkness and confusion. The name is often referred to as God is my might or the fire of God. Uriel is a member of the illuminated seraphim meaning he stands closest to the Creator. If you’re in need of wisdom or insight, you should not hesitate to seek guidance from Uriel. This archangel can provide you with a direct link to the spirit realm. If you need to increase your personal vibrations or develop a stronger connection with higher energy, you should reach out to Uriel.

    There is a good chance that he’ll aid you.

    Archangel AzraelArchangel Azrael

    Azrael is the angel of death and his primary job is spiritual counseling. Azrael is responsible for making sure that someone doesn’t lose their mind or do something they should not. If you lose a loved one, you’re going to find yourself in a bad situation. You may want to do something that could harm others. Azrael is going to prevent that from happening. It is possible to communicate with Azrael and take advantage of his power when you need it the most. You should not be afraid to reach out to Azrael when you need his guidance. He can help you get through some of the most difficult times.

    Whether you’re praying or meditating, you will be able to ask for assistance from Azrael.

    Archangel ZadkielArchangel Zadkiel

    As the angel of forgiveness and mercy, Zadkiel is one of the most important. By using his guidance, you can learn to forgive others. That can help you find joy and freedom in your life. His vibration energy is very high and uplifting. By placing your faith in Zadkiel, you’ll be able to cleanse your spiritual body and enhance your vibration energy. Remember that you are not bound to your past. If you feel this way, you should consult with Zadkiel. This angel can help you forgive those who have wronged you so you can move forward.

    If you want to cleanse your spirit, it is time to rely on Zadkiel.

    Archangel ChamuelArchangel Chamuel

    Are you looking to find peace within yourself? Maybe you are looking for a better way to relate to other individuals or to god himself. Well, whatever the situation is, this is exactly where Chamuel is going to help out. Chamuel is one that is known as the angel of peaceful relationships, and that is his number one desire and goal. He wants to help you help yourself find peace within yourself and relate well to others and God.

    There are truly a number of ways that this archangel can help you, but it is the sense of inspiration that he will offer in abundance. If you are feeling depressed or sad or like you are stuck in a place that you can’t get out of, it will be Chamuel that you want to call on. You’ll know when he is near because you’ll have that familiar butterfly-tingling sensation in your stomach.

    Archangel Jeremiel Archangel Jeremiel

    Jeremiel is truly a unique archangel, as he is one of the chosen seven that was chosen to serve humanity. Despite this, he is still not commonly known amongst the human race. This is because he is super quiet. Not quite in the sense that he’s not guiding, teaching, and helping, but quite in the way that he communicates. Unlike his counterpart Michael, Jeremiel mainly only communicates through symbols, mental movies, visions, and dreams. His name is one that means the mercy of God and his main goal is to help you become aware of your own thoughts and emotions.

    There have been times when Jeremiel was referred to as the angel of presence and this he because he has the innate ability to translate the highest light and wisdom of heaven to you in the physical realm. This is often done through the unconscious mind.

    Archangel Raziel Archangel Raziel

    When you look at the meaning of Raziel’s name, you pretty much have all the descriptions that you need. Raziel is one that means secrets of God. He is the keeper of the enigma of God and is said to stand nearby God’s throne, which makes him pretty much God’s right-hand man. In addition to this, he is one that has an innate and unique understanding of how the universe works and operates. He can be found under other names like Raziel, Akrasiel, Saraqael, or Galluzur, but it is the name Raziel that he is most commonly found under.

    Given his calm, collected, and serene nature, Raziel will be a true pleasure to work with. The only problem will be detecting when he is by your side. Most people don’t even know he is with them. However, he is one that works with increasing one’s psychic abilities and spirituality. Raziel is certainly no stranger to guidance, but he wants you to learn the knowledge yourself, and this is why most people never even know he is by their side. He will force you to learn and work, but he will make sure it pays off for you.

    Archangel SandalphonArchangel Sandalphon

    When it comes to music and prayer, this is where you will find Sandalphon. He is without a doubt one of the most pleasant and easiest angels to work with, as he has very down-to-earth energy that just cannot be matched by his counterparts. Sandalphon is like your personal connection to heaven. He’ll help bridge that path, transporting your pleas and praises to the Divine to make sure that your prayers are answered. His name and presence is one that is oftentimes associated with nature and animals. In addition to this, he works on helping you become more self-loving, gentle, patient, and kind.

    His name is derived from the Hebrew word for wheel and in other interpretations can be referred to as co-brother or he who wears sandals before God. Essentially, he is the messenger that can bring himself closer in vibration to those who are engaged in earthly creative pursuits. He is a guardian of nature, so this is where he will appear.

    Archangel Sachiel

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much information out there about Sachiel. And, this is because he’s mostly been hidden until recently. However, what is known is very unique and interesting, to say the least. He is stepping forward in a big way now so more will be known about him. As of right now, people know that he is one that is connected to the streams of wealth, success, prosperity, harvest, harmony, and material gain. If you are seeking success in your life, this will be the archangel that you want to call on.

    He is also an angel that is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is the biggest planet in the solar system and alone can inspire you to grow, evolve, take risks, and expand. These are all things that you will need to do in order to achieve the material success that you are seeking. Sachiel is often associated with the Zodiacal sign Sagittarius and his name converts to the covering of god.

    Archangel Orion

    Even if you’ve never heard of Archangel Orion, it is likely that you’ve heard of Orion. Orion is one of the three brightest stars in the universe and this is where the Archangel gets his name. While he is named after one of the brightest stars in the universe, he doesn’t use particularly bright colors to identify himself. This could be because he is relatively new at contacting humans or it could just be because he doesn’t want to be ostentatious.

    Whatever the situation is, you’ll know when he is near because you’ll feel him with a unique vibration. You’ll also feel inspired like your true inner inhibitions are coming to fruition. And, this is because he is an angel that will help manifest your dreams. He is one angel that wants to truly get what you strive for in life. However, he does want you to strive for it. He doesn’t just want you to go after what you think you want, but he wants you to strive for your dreams.

    And, if you are willing to do this, he is more than willing to help you every step of the way.

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    How Can Archangels Make A Positive Impact On Our Lives?

    How Can Archangels Make A Positive Impact On Our Lives

    Archangels have a close connection with God and guardian angels. They have an energy force that can be shared with humans through celestial visits. When an archangel visits, you will feel his/her energy before his presence is even known. This is how people know they have been visited by an archangel. So, you do not need to visibly see the archangel to know you have received a celestial visit.

    The archangel’s energy force consists of divine love and healing. Just being in the presence of an archangel is enough to make a positive impact on our lives. Knowing you have a connection with the archangels is enough to bring positivity in negative situations.

    Archangels do not need to perform any special ritual to create a positive impact on humans. They don’t even need to be in the same room with humans to make this type of connection. The power held by archangels extends to eternity and back. You can feel this power way before the archangel becomes visible. If you are not prepared in advance, you will become very frightened to the point that you will want to run. But, this is not what the archangel is trying to do.

    Archangels can spread positivity through telepathic messages. To receive these messages, you will need to have an open mind. Those who understand and accept the archangels for what they are can feel the vibrational frequencies from miles away.

    Your religious affiliation does not matter to the archangels. They want to help no matter your religious beliefs. If you need positivity in your life, you do not need to look very far. The archangels have the power to read your every thought. They can transform your life for the better but you will need to be open to the idea.

    How To Invoke The Archangels

    How To Invoke The ArchangelsIf you’re going through turmoil and trouble, you may need assistance. If this is the case, you’ll want to reach out to the archangels. By invoking the angels, you will be able to obtain their guidance and wisdom. They can help you overcome the obstacles that you’re currently facing. Nevertheless, invoking the angels is not a straightforward process. You need to find out how it works so you can benefit most from your exploits. So, how do you invoke the archangels? How does it work and what do you need to do? Below, you’re going to learn more about this process.

    First and foremost, you need to find a suitable location. It is pertinent to make sure that the spot is going to be quiet and that you won’t be bothered. Make sure that nobody is going to enter your room and catch you off guard. Since it can take a little while to invoke the angels, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of time alone. You need to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable as well. If you believe someone is going to rush into your room in seconds, you’re not going to be comfortable.

    Once you’ve done a good spot, you’ll want to sit comfortably. You can sit on the ground or in a chair with your feet touching the ground. Find the position that is most comfortable for you. Now, you need to imagine that you’re surrounded by a bright, white light. It is surrounding you and entering you. Make sure that you’re focusing on your breathing and relaxing. You don’t need to try very hard. Before you know it, you’ll have connected with the angels.

    Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll find that the process is natural. The energy might be subtle the first time around. However, you should practice again and again. Do that and you will have a profound experience.

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