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NUMEROLOGY NUMBERS – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Number Meanings




    Numerology is the divine belief in the relationship between numbers and coinciding events. It is the study of the symbolism of numbers and their value in names, words, and concepts. Numerology is often used to find out the insights of the relationship between numbers and people or events. Many believe that there is a hidden number in each name, birth date, birth month, or even the year of birth. The concept of this predictive science depends on the numbers to analyze the insight perceived.

    To conclude, various types of calculations are used. In short, numerology can help you uncover a cognizance about the world or an individual and even yourselves. By reading these numerical signs, you can determine the behaviors of a person, and most of the time, this contributes in predicting the compatibility in partners. The use of numerology is considered to belong to the paranormal or mystical form. For this reason, many do not believe in numerology and its readings.


    Numerology works in such a complicated way that not everyone can provide accurate details on readings, which is why master numerologists are required. The concept behind the study of divine numbers is that everything on earth is an energy that vibrates on a frequency. Your life and the cosmos are influenced by the date, month of your birth, and several other factors that surround you. There are no coincidences, just intended events controlled by the divine numbers involved in your life.

    Numerology assigns significance to numbers and uses the method of arithmancy to calculate and interpret the relationship. Using this tool, you can reduce any complex numbers to a single digit number but not in the case for master numbers 11, 22, and 33, because they are considered to be special numbers. Master numbers have more potential than other numbers because they create the Triangle of Enlightenment. They are challenging to handle but very rewarding once you master them.


    The Chaldean numerology is the oldest system of numerology, which is considered more efficient and accurate than the Pythagorean or the Kabbalah system. The origination picks its roots from the Indian Vedic system. Though it is considered to be very precise, it is still less popular than the other two systems, because it is hard to master the readings in a Chaldean system. In the Chaldean numerology system, every alphabet carries a unique vibration frequency.

    The numbers are further assigned to the letters based on the value of vibration. The numbers that work for Chaldean numerology does not go from 1 to 9 as in the Pythagorean and Kabbalah numerology, but it follows from 1 till 8.

    The number 9 is considered to be a holy number which is why numerologists separate them from the rest of the numerical vibrations, but for cases where the sum of vibrations comes to 9, then it is included in the reading. The table below is the value of the alphabets:

    chaldean numerology alphabet

    Single digit numbers indicate you as you are in the eyes of people around you. Double digits denote the hidden qualities that lie beneath what people see, which may be considered mysterious.The significance of the numbers, symbols, and characters is the same as in the Kabbalah or the Pythagorean though the calculations vary. The meaning assigned to the numbers 1 to 9 is associated with the physical or material being while compound numbers from 10 to 52 are considered to be a part of the spiritual life.


    Numerology Life Path Numbers are based on your birth date. All the numbers from 1 to 9 hold a unique vibration that gives a characteristic prediction. It is a common belief that every being has had a previous life, and before reincarnating, you might have read what you would be after rebirth, which is your present life. Likewise, the numbers of your present date of birth were already chosen in your previous life so that you would have a better life now.

    Numerology life path numbers are the sum of your birth date, which will determine or explain your traits in this lifetime; it gives you a summary of your life’s journey.

    To calculate your life path number, add the day, month, and year of birth and reduce the total to a single digit number. For example, if you were born on November 11, 1985 (11-11-1985), add them this way 11+11+1985 or (1+1) + (1+1) + (1+9+8+5) and you will get a total of 2007 or 27. Now reduce the total to a single digit 2+0+0+7 = 9 or 2+7. Your life path number will be 9.

    • Life Path Number 1: Being an inborn leader, you possess determination and self-discipline. However, being a follower is not in your interest, making you stubborn and narcissistic.
    • Life Path Number 2:  You are usually considered to be the peacemaker owing to your spiritual qualities. You are a good listener. There is a nervous energy that may lead to emotional outrage.
    • Life Path Number 3: You have an amazing skill in communication and creativity. Being expressive, you do not fail to entertain those around you. Your sensitive side is thin, making you feel hurt when a relationship fails.
    • Life Path Number 4: You are considered a genius when it comes to planning or getting a task done. Your traits include being reliable and determined. Sometimes you may be known for being stubborn and too meticulous.
    • Life Path Number 5: Being spontaneous and adventurous is your thing because you like freedom. Your progressive mindset may make you feel bored easily on routines, which is why finding a partner who understands your changing plans may be harder than usual.
    • Life Path Number 6: You are a humanitarian with a nurturing heart. For you, the most important aspects of your life are your family and friends. You have the will to carry the burden for someone else to help them. Sometimes these accumulated burdens put you in a tough situation. And when you fail to take responsibility for something, you feel very guilty.
    • Life Path Number 7: The combination of a tender heart and an investigative mind makes for a great thinker. You can detect when things are deceptive, and you avoid such situations. Being too analytical may make you critical.
    • Life Path Number 8: You were born to organize and to lead. You have a positive mindset which helps you to maintain a healthy environment at home or work. When you set out a task, you are determined to complete it. Sometimes being too dedicated to success may draw you away from your family.
    • Life Path Number 9: You have generosity and compassion oozing out from your heart. You do not indulge in prejudice, and you strive to give your possessions to see a better work. Being the highest number, you tend to be in a higher place of responsibility towards humanity. Having a positive mindset, however, gives you the challenge of facing the harsh reality.

    The numerology compatibility between couples can be best understood from the table below:numerology compatibility table

    ***means high compatibility, made for each other

    **means average compatibility, you can work things out

    *means very low compatibility, chances of being happy together is not probable

    Life Path Numbers Compatibility

    Following this chart to find the ideal partners:

    Ideal Partners For Number 1: 3, 5, 9

    Ideal Partners For Number 2: 6, 8

    Ideal Partners For Number 3: 1, 6, 9

    Ideal Partners For Number 4: 6, 7

    Ideal Partners For Number 5: 1, 8

    Ideal Partners For Number 6: 2, 3, 4, 9

    Ideal Partners For Number 7: 4, 9

    Ideal Partners For Number 8: 2

    Ideal Partners For Number 9: 1, 3, 6, 7


    Numerology Number 1

    Positive aspect: You are strong-willed. You do not allow anyone to limit your potential to get to your destination. You have a simple and a direct approach to life, making it easy for you to confront any situation.

    Negative aspect: You can be aggressive, stubborn, and jealous

    Numerology Number 2

    Positive aspect: Having feminine energy, you are considered to be caring and very understanding. You have no second thoughts on forgiving when someone hurts you.

    Negative aspect: Your characters may make you look weak and powerless when confronted with tough situations.

    Numerology Number 3

    Positive aspect: You are optimistic and have a good imagination and an artistic mind.

    Negative aspect: People consider you as spoiled and as someone who lacks direction.

    Numerology Number 4

    Positive aspect: There are strength and stability in number four that makes you reliable and trustworthy.

    Negative aspect: You may be aggressive, and your biggest obstacle is yourself.

    Numerology Number 5

    Positive aspect: Number 5 is considered to be the most dynamic one. You are daring, independent, and extremely loyal.

    Negative aspect: Usually, you find it hard to be submissive. Being adventurous, you don’t last long in a place or relationship.

    Numerology Number 6

    Positive aspect: Your rare traits make you easily recognizable. You are harmonious by nature, making you a loving and gentle person.

    Negative aspect: Your concern for others may make you too meddlesome and inquisitive.  You may end up being taken advantage of.

    Numerology Number 7

    Positive aspect: You are a thinker, and you seek the truth through analysis.

    Negative aspect: Humor is almost foreign to you. Your number makes you stubborn, leaving you alone most of the time.

    Numerology Number 8

    Positive aspect: You are intelligent, practical, and you strive for your goals earnestly. You have the will to take risks, and sometimes you can be quite generous

    Negative aspect: You are frustrated and angry easily.

    Numerology Number 9

    Positive aspect: A humanitarian, you tend to be more tolerant and less judgmental. You are willing to sacrifice and take the burden of others to help them.

    Negative aspect: You are an introvert. When your dark side is triggered, you can be very condescending and arrogant.


    Numerology is used to decide to contemplate on making investments or signing contracts. All you need to do is decode the numbers and understand what you need to do or avoid. When you are starting a new business, you need a good name not only for aesthetic purposes but a name with a strong energy for a prosperous business.

    The Pythagorean chart below is normally used to find business name numerology.

    numerology business name table

    Suppose you choose ‘Golden’ as your business name. 7+6+3+4+5+5=30(3)


    Birthday numerology is an essential aspect of number reading. It is calculated by adding your birth date, month, and year and reducing to a single digit.

    Date 1: Self-confident and will power but sensitive

    Date 2: Warm-hearted and understanding but easily moody and emotions are high

    Date 3: Vitality, easygoing, and good with words but sensitive

    Date 4: Disciplined and responsible, but stubborn and a rigid mindset

    Date 5: Hardworking, imaginative, and adaptable but impatient

    Date 6: Responsible, helpful and understanding but often burdened with too many problems

    Date 7: Well organized and a perfectionist but stubborn and unable to follow orders

    Date 8: Good in business and reliable but too busy for other priorities

    Date 9: Humanitarian, easygoing, and broad-minded but often emotional

    Date 10: Independent, good leader, and self-confident but repressive and dominating

    Date 11: An idealist and intense spiritual energy but more of a dreamer than a doer

    Date 12: Easygoing, imaginative, and energetic but sensitive

    Date 13: Organized, responsible and sincere but dominating

    Date 14: Clever, systematic, and analytical but restless and impatient

    Date 15: Have strong family values and very responsible but sometimes stubborn

    Date 16: Independent and loyal but a bit stubborn

    Date 17: Honest, ethical, and organized but sensitive

    Date 18: Adjustable, humanitarian, and broad-minded but repressed and dramatic

    Date 19: Self-confident and will-powered but self-centered and sensitive

    Date 20: Friendly, warm-hearted, and understanding but easily depressed and moody

    Date 21: Easygoing, good with words, and imaginative but sensitive and restless

    Date 22: Responsible, can manage tasks and idealistic but stubborn and nervous

    Date 23: Versatile, talented, and adaptable but restless and impatient

    Date 24: A mediator and very responsible but sensitive

    Date 25: Can undertake challenges and responsibilities but inflexible and very reserved

    Date 26: Good managerial abilities, ambitious, and energetic but often seeks material satisfaction

    Date 27: Selfless, broad-minded, and very cooperative but quite sensitive

    Date 28: Independent, energetic, and confident but compulsive

    Date 29: Idealistic, creative, and analytical but sensitive and easily nervous

    Date 30: Very expressive and imaginative but can be dramatic

    Date 31: Organized, sincere, and patient but no imagination and not very friendly


    A numerology personal year, like your life path, gives a numerical information of the whole year, from January to December. It is based on a nine-year cycle. Through the numbers, you will know if it is a good year or a year filled with challenges, what you should do, and what to avoid.

    • Personal year 1: It is a new beginning for you. Fresh starts and new endeavors await. New opportunities will come, and you will have to face it with optimism and faith.
    • Personal year 2: Start balancing your expectations and your abilities. Be prepared for any challenges that come in the way of your path.  Keep your focus on the right methods and press on.
    • Personal Year 3: Now that you have set a foundation for yourself, it is time for you to go out and start networking. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and receive new ideas. As you communicate, let your creativity flow.
    • Personal Year 4: In the fourth year, focus on three things – order, construction, and effort. Frustration in all senses will start developing, keep your calm, and overcome the bad energy.
    • Personal year 5: More new things will come your way which will bring some surprises, both good and bad. Prepare to be in the spotlight due to the changes in your journey.
    • Personal year 6: The sixth-year will center on your family and friends, and they will be your source of good vibrations. Take the opportunity to help out a close one who is in need.
    • Personal year 7: Take time for self-awareness and meditation. This year is for you to let your spirit grow and develop.
    • Personal year 8: The eight-year is the time to harvest whatever you have invested. Be it in work or personal life.
    • Personal year 9: At the end of the cycle, you can see the results of the seeds you sowed. Be careful not to start a new project at the end of the cycle.


    What is the destiny number?

    Destiny number, expression number, or lucky number is the sum of your date of birth or alphabets in your name, which is why it is unique. The number throws light to your talents and abilities which determines your destiny.

    So how do you calculate your destiny number?

    Take your birth date, month, and year and add them, take the total, and reduce to a single digit number. If you were born on October 24 1985, your destiny number would be 3 [(2+4) + (1+0) + (1+9+8+5)]. If you are using your name, you can decode from the table and arrive at a singular number from 1 to 9.

    destiny number table

    The destiny numbers meaning are:

    • Destiny Number 1: Destined to become a leader. Be careful not to over dominate and try to be less selfish.
    • Destiny Number 2: Destined to be a mediator or a peacemaker. Control your emotions.
    • Destiny Number 3: Destined to create healthy relationships and help others in maintaining a good relationship as well.
    • Destiny Number 4: Destined to be in a position where you will be handed tasks to manage. Be more adaptable and less stubborn.
    • Destiny Number 5: Destined to bring a change through progressive action. Be careful not to take unnecessary risks.
    • Destiny Number 6: Destined to help those who are weak and unhappy. Keep a check on your emotions.
    • Destiny Number 7: Destined to be an educator and a provider. Keep away from pessimism and skepticism.
    • Destiny Number 8: Destined to achieve a high position in the material world. Make sure you do not let the greed for power and fame to overcome your good energy.
    • Destiny Number 9: Destined to help others through the positive vibes within you. Refrain from being impulsive while taking decisions.

    When it comes to reading the destiny number compatibility, you can calculate and find out what kind of partners will suit you best. Compare your destiny number by adding the numbers from your birth date, month, and year with his or her number and calculate the compatibility. Different destiny number means different sexuality:

    • NUMBER ONE You are likely to have intimacy with many partners in your early adulthood that makes it hard for you to choose one partner. You are considered sexy in the eyes of others.

    Man: You are independent, active, and self-assured, and this very trait attracts women.

    Woman: You like to choose your partner rather than being chosen. You have a strong character, and that makes you quite stubborn

    • NUMBER TWO You give more importance to family, and you desire your partner to be reasonable and understanding. You consider love to be the prime need and sex as a secondary act of love. You are devoted and loyal to your partner.

    Man: You have an open heart and understand your partner’s feelings

    Woman: You are considered to be very charming and trustworthy

    • NUMBER THREE You have a robust sexual aura, but you need to know a person first before starting a relationship with them.

    Man: You are communicative and can have several relationships at one time.

    Woman: Men are drawn to your charm, but you consider sex as a game

    • NUMBER FOUR You have a reserved attitude and relationship, and sex is normal to you. You take joy in your relationship with your family.

    Man: You are stable and stays away from casual flings

    Woman: You are a practical person who needs a reliable partner

    • NUMBER FIVE You are reckless when looking for a partner and you end up having a romance with several people.

    Man: You are confident and charming. You do not believe in begging for love or retreating in a relationship.

    Woman: You are considered very attractive and charming. You can be selfish at times.

    • NUMBER SIX You have a strong sex appeal.

    Man: You are hard-working and reliable. You love selflessly making you vulnerable to heartbreaks.

    Woman: You are not predictable, which makes you magnetic. You don’t let heartbreaks affect your relationship.

    • NUMBER SEVEN You are not easy when it comes to maintaining a relationship with you.

    Man: You have a serious attitude, and people often mistake that as being cold. In reality, you are concerned about your partner’s feelings

    Woman: There is a strange attractive appeal about you that scares your admirers. You are smart and honest

    • NUMBER EIGHT You are not stable when married at a young age. Marrying after maturity will work better for you.

    Man: You are strong-willed, honest, and sincere. You can be quite thrifty at times.

    Woman: You may appear strong and authoritative, but inside, you are vulnerable. You need love and understanding

    • NUMBER NINE You take love, and you give love as well. Romance is your middle name.

    Man: You are romantic, frank, and easy to communicate.

    Woman: You are active and always brewing with new ideas. You expect romance from your partner.


    What is the soul urge number?

    Soul urge number or heart’s desire number represents what your soul yearns the most. It will also tell you what your inner self dislikes. Knowing this will help you align your life with the urges of your soul, allowing you to live a peaceful life. These things are the ones you heart dreams to have or avoid, things that motivate you and reveal the actual intentions of your deeds.

    How do you calculate your soul urge number?

    Take all the vowels from your full name and decode from the value given below.

    • A=1
    • E=5
    • I=9
    • O=6
    • U=3
    • W=5
    • Y=7

    W and Y are considered vowels here To find your soul urge number, add together all the numerical values of vowels from your first, middle, and last name was given to you at birth.

    For example, the name Victoria Mendes would give the equation 9+6+9+1+5+5=35= 3+5=8

    Soul urge numbers: meaning of numbers

    • Soul urge Number 1: You desire freedom and like to be in control of any situation. These traits make you arrogant and dominating.
    • Soul urge Number 2: You want your life to be harmonious and peaceful. Sometimes you underestimate your abilities and fail to reach optimum potential.
    • Soul urge Number 3: You love to entertain people with words and deed. However, you need to be mindful of the words that you say.
    • Soul urge Number 4: Your heart desires stability, and you expect the same from others. When you love someone, you need to let them know
    • Soul urge Number 5: Freedom gives you happiness, and you are made of enthusiasm for new ideas. Be careful not to be swayed with your desire for freedom for it may lead to something undesirable.
    • Soul urge Number 6: You have the drive to meet the needs of people you love. While you give people to make them love you, love yourself first.
    • Soul urge Number 7: Analyzing is your thing, and there is no limit of gaining knowledge for you. Do not withdraw from the people around you.
    • Soul urge Number 8: The drive for power and fame will make you reach your goals. However, do not ignore the pertinent details that may matter.
    • Soul urge Number 9: Your sole desire is to make the world a better place. Believe in yourself, and you can achieve.
    • Soul urge Number 11: Your intuition is your strength and your treasure. Be prepared to face harsh situations
    • Soul urge Number 22: Leaving a legacy is your goal. Make sure you leave something memorable that betters the world.


    What is the Inner Dreams Number?

    The inner dreams number associates itself with your deep desires and secret dreams. Most of the time, you may not even realize having these dreams. Some dreams are so strong that they remain in your subconscious mind, which may be seen outwardly as a part of your personality.

    How do you calculate the Inner Dreams Number?

    The calculation is done by taking all the consonants from your full name given in birth. The decoding is done using the Pythagorean table. inner dreams pythagorean table

    The goal of your calculation is to achieve the number 1 to 9, 11, and 22, where 11 and 22 are not to be reduced. The inner dreams number for Paul Simon will be 7+3+1+4+5=20=2+0=2

    Inner Dreams Number: meaning of numbers

    • Inner dreams Number 1: You dream of achieving the highest recognition for courage and leadership
    • Inner dreams Number 2: You dream of being an instrument of peace and a harmonious world
    • Inner dreams Number 3: You dream of expressing your artistic traits to the fullest
    • Inner dreams Number 4: You dream of a perfect plan
    • Inner dreams Number 5: You dream about freedom and liberty
    • Inner dreams Number 6: You dream of having the perfect family under your care
    • Inner dreams Number 7: You dream of acquiring knowledge without limitations
    • Inner dreams Number 8: You dream about fame and power and all the worldly wealth
    • Inner dreams Number 9: You dream about a better world through yourself
    • Inner dreams Number 11: You dream of bringing light to the darkness around the world
    • Inner dreams Number 22: You dream about achieving a phenomenal goal


    Have you noticed a triple number that keeps appearing around you over and over again? These are called repeating numbers. They are not just numbers; they hold a significant meaning of the situation and occurrence in your life. It is the way of the Universe to communicate with you and tell you that something divine is going to happen.

    Why do I see Repeating Numbers?

    When you see these repeating numbers, it means that your spirit guide is trying to send you a message. You can decode these occurrences and know what the divine message is.

    Repeating Numbers: meaning of numbers

    There is no accurate interpretation of repeating numbers, but you can rely on these guidelines.

    Numerology Number 111: It is a wake-up call from the Universe. You may be required to spread light to the world

    Numerology Number 1111: A wake-up call to focus and give your attention on your spiritual growth

    Numerology Number 222: Push on to whatever you are pursuing at present

    Numerology Number 333: The Universe is reminding you that spiritual guides are protecting you and helping you

    Numerology Number 444:  You are going on the right track, and you can move further

    Numerology Number 555: Changes are coming your way. Accept them and let them guide you in the right direction

    Numerology Number 666: A warning telling you that your focus is going too much on the materials of the world

    Numerology Number 777: A sign telling you to let your inhibitions go and trust your instincts

    Numerology Number 888: You are on the right path

    Numerology Number 999: The Universe is telling you that your job is done and it is time to, move on to a new project

    Numerology Number 000: You have new opportunities coming your way. Start a new path.