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NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 1 – Life Path Number 1 Meanings

    numerology number 1


    The Meaning of Number 1

    People with the numerology number 1 are known for being fearless and courageous leaders. These people have a tendency to be independent of others and enjoy controlling and holding on to their freedom. They are self-contained and not reliant on others.

    If you have a Life Path number 1, you can be an enthusiastic leader, a hard worker who dedicates himself or herself to the cause and who has both an artistic and creative soul.

    People with numerology number 1 have a lot on their minds, and they are often quick in finding answers to their problems. But they need to be proven they are better than the rest. They are known for keeping themselves away from those individuals who don’t believe in their work and their hardship.

    Personality Number 1

    Some believe that individuals with Personality Number 1 to be decisive for their success. These individuals are very competent and dynamic. People with destiny number 1 are respected, but they should be careful not to intimidate anyone else without intent.

    They are committed to being successful and are ready to follow the path of hardship and struggle. They always want to be self-reliant, which explains the fact that they sometimes become resilient by nature.

    They are brave and courageous to take risks and build up their own path to success, even if they sometimes lose their heads and get aggressive and dominating.

    They are gifted at working for themselves, and that’s exactly why so many individuals with destiny number 1 are drawn toward entrepreneurial activities and freelancing. It is an excellent balance between individuals’ motivation and the freedom to not have a boss after them.

    Most of them are great literal thinker which others admire them for. They are creative and have this great positive vibe, which makes them a phenomenal leader in all sorts of ventures.

    But, no one can be perfect in this world, not even the most self-reliant, positive minded, and courageous people.

    Disappointingly, individuals with this destiny number 1 are to fall into the potential trap of their self-ego.They have this tendency of being self-obsessed with self-centeredness.

    Many people with life number 1 lack empathy and live their lives without any excuse. They simply don’t understand or try to understand the emotions of others, even of those who are very close to them. Their failure to understand and convey their feelings to others makes them a challenging life partner.

    Destiny Number 1

    The Destiny number is commonly referred to as the life path number is the most dominant number on your numerology card, for fate is an inevitable part of human life.

    Now you might have this question, why destiny number is referred to as the life path number? Its because from the time you are born until the day of your demise, you are on a path, on a journey filled with emotions, obstacles, and success till and you must continue this journey till you reach your end.

    With this number, you will not only get a glimpse of your destiny but also of the result that awaits you at the end of this path.

    So if you are curious as to whether or not you can achieve your professional or personal goals and want to determine in which way your life is going to be, all you have then to do is calculate your life path number.

    How to calculate your Destiny Number?

    Calculating your destiny number is quite easy. All you have to do is add in all the digits of your birth date, that is the day, month, and the year. So let’s say you were born on 4th April 1995, your calculation will look something like this:

    4 + 1 + 2 + 1+ 9 + 9 + 5 = 31

    So your result is 31, right? NO. You need to reduce the number until you find the root number.

    3 + 1 = 4.

    So your destiny number is four.

    Career path of number one

    If you are one of those unique individuals with carrier number one than most often you will find yourself alone, working hard, working every single day of her life will a self-employed career.

    There are specific jobs that are well-suited for individuals with career number 1, and few of them are military, business, entrepreneurial, law enforcement.

    Any job which empowers or puts you in leadership is well-suited for 1’s needs.

    There are a few crucial things which you must consider before choosing any job or occupation.

    People with life number one usually have this tendency of giving 100% in their work or things that they love. So it’s crucial that they choose a profession in which they can find some personal meaning.  They don’t do so they will probably lose their interest in their job or as in most cases will drop their ambitions.

    A second problem that they may have is the sense of triviality associated with any job where pay is time-based, instead of being results based. They have this feeling that what’s the use of all their hard work if it only increases their workload.

    Sadly, that is not how most jobs operate, and that can be overwhelming these peoples. It is only natural that they would want to get something out for their incredible dedication towards their work, and that there will feel dissatisfied or even being misused when they don’t get what they feel they deserved.

    That’s the main reason why many individuals with career number one are drawn to jobs which empowers them with leadership or start their own business. These people feel most fulfilled when they are rewarded for completing their task. Just for this sense of fulfillment, they work on more and more task every day by giving in their hundred percent.

    If you have career number 1, remember that all you have to do is choose what in the world you want to do, and then start leveraging those incredible energies of yours to work out a plan. Your next step is to follow your plan with a determination to succeed in that business. Yeah, it’s that simple!