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Numerology Number 3 Meanings – The Creator

    Numerology Number 3

    The result of the synthesis of 1 and 2 is the number 3 which reminds us of the result of the human and divine spark.

    Highly associated with creativity, numerology number 3 plays an important role in both history and modern times. All numbers play an important role in how the world is going to be for a person, or even humanity itself. By understanding this number, you will be better able to understand world events, yourself and others.

    Meaning of Numerology Number 3

    The number three is associated with creative expression and optimism. It can be found in a number of places, including an individuals birth date. Those born with a life path of 3 will be influenced by it, including the downsides such as indifference and a lack of concentration.

    The number can also be found in the calendar year, and through various name forms, including birth name and heart’s desire. This allows the number three to permeate our world via multiple avenues, fueling the arts.

    The self-expression and optimism make 3’s fun to be around, and the joy in bringing happiness to others. The 3 Universal Year, including 2019, brings greater creative energy to everyone who accepts it.

    The number represents triads, which have a powerful impact on the universe. For instance, the mind-soul-body triad which must have a proper balance in order for a person to live a well-adjusted life. Likewise, it is symbolic of the birth-life-death cycle that everyone experiences.

    The Life Path of 3

    The life path number is the most influential for any individual and is calculated from the date of birth. These energies will be present throughout their lives, though some of the surrounding circumstances can wax and wane as time passes.

    The life path of 3’s tend to lead them into creative fields, such as the performance arts, radio broadcasting, and writers of all genres. Charismatic and caring, the communication abilities of 3’s make them great friends.

    Luck and Fortune

    luck and fortune numerology number 3

    They are the luckiest and most fortunate among all the numbers. Their idea is that they are born to do something unique or creative. They also have a high degree of self-respect which can often be related to a high level of arrogance maybe because of the knowledge they have. These people don’t like taking help from others and instead, they build their own empire.

    As far as the relationships are concerned, the number 3 people are very caring and are like a service provider. They can easily gel up with people and even strangers. They tend to generally have a good family life.

    Destiny Number 3

    Destiny can sometimes be harsh for these people. People with number 3 avoid work which they don’t like. These people tend to be critical of other people and they need to control this. People might leave them because of selfishness in terms of respect and financials, bad relationships and pride. On the contrary, they tend to show a lot of warmth and loyalty. They are able to pass through a lot of situations which other numbers are not able to. If they apply the principle of world peace and change their attitude towards others, their Karma can improve greatly.

    They like spending a lot of money to make their surrounding perfect and beautiful. 3 number doesn’t like a lot of structures, edges, and angles in the home or life. They don’t hesitate in contacting other people through their skills and effectiveness. Their compatibility for love is best with number 5, 6 and 9. Five offers strong social network, six give stability and 9 is for the endless opportunity.

    3 Universal Year

    Just as a person’s date of birth can be used to calculate energies, so can the year be used to determine the vibrational energy for that entire year. The number is determined by adding all of the numbers together, and doing so until the result is a single number:



    thus making 2019 a 3 Universal Year.

    Although there is much change going on, the 3 Universal Year allows greater emotional sensitivity for all of those who are willing to receive it. It can bring people together, both in reconciliation and new relationships.

    This is the year for everyone to take on new challenges. The increased optimism associated with 3 will make new adventures more exciting and rewarding. Those who are interested in boosting personal creativity could take advantage of this by taking an artistic course or two.

    While those with 3 as a life path number are generally good at communication, that isn’t always the case with some of the other numbers. However, 2019 provides everyone with the opportunity to improve their communication skills. This includes internal and external dialogue. Mindful interactions can create exciting new opportunities for self-growth and improved relationships.

    The increase in emotional energy can sometimes have a negative impact on the way people feel if repressed feelings surface. Whether positive, painful or forgotten, the intensity associated with emotional energy this year must be carefully monitored in order to reap the rewards associated with the year.


    The number 3 is associated with Jupiter in astrology. The planet is known as the planet of abundance, ambitious, wisdom, and knowledge. In the zodiac, the number 3 is related to Sagittarius, that is ruled by Jupiter. Not only this but also in Tarot the empress card is number 3. The Empress card in the major arcana is a symbol of wealth and a resilient inner voice. The empress card resembles creation and growth and warns against indecisiveness. In Greek mythology, Zeus was associated with planet Jupiter ruling heavens and oversees everything in the realm of other Gods. Adding to all previous associations, the healing crystals like amethyst, ruby, and rainbow obsidian resembles number 3.

    Historical Connections with 3

    One of the ways that the number is connected to the universe is through the history stories throughout the world.

    The Greek god Zeus ruled the heavens and the earth and is associated with the planet Jupiter. The personality traits of 3 are clear in many of his actions, such as showing conceit in his interactions with others. As king of the gods living on Mount Olympus, his arrogance was deeply intertwined with his station. Although insightful, he was a notorious gambler, exemplifying the sometimes careless nature of 3.

    The Pythagoreans, who believed in immortality, believed that the number 3 was the first real number. Many are familiar with the mathematical Pythagorean theorem, which shows their deep reverence for numbers and their meanings.

    Many common fairy tales and folklore include the number 3. For instance, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Rumpelstiltskin. These tales always have an important life lesson to learn in order for the main character to grow as a person. This shows an important way that the creative force of the written word can be used in a powerful way.

    Modern well-known 3’s include actor Michael Keaton, singer Celine Dion and director/producer Alfred Hitchcock.

    Downsides of Number 3

    As with all numbers, there are negative associations with the number 3. Those who find themselves with this life path number should be aware of them in order to achieve greater happiness.

    Because of the high level of creative energy involved with 3’s, they can often have virtually manic states of artistic endeavors. However, the crash of depression that follows can be difficult for the 3 and those around them.

    Additionally, the lack of stamina and concentration can leave art unfinished, further fueling erratic mood swings.

    Often irresponsible, the 3 can be a narcissist with little spiritual depth. They are frequently lacking in moral conviction as well.


    Those ruled by number 3 are intelligent and creative. They can achieve great success and happiness at their ease. These people are the luckiest one and they need to maintain a high level of concentration in the area of work to achieve the goals. They are popular people and can do really well for themselves with a bit of determination.

    Blessed, optimistic, cheerful, confident and pragmatic are the prominent features. There is nothing in the world that they cannot achieve. Number 3 life path people are born to lead the way except for the fact that they need to change a bit. They need not be proud or obstinate.

    Wishing you a lot of fame and success in life!