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    Numerology Number 6


    In numerology, each number have distinct personalities; each with their own unique qualities and attributes that separates one from the other

    The number 6 meaning in numerology is represented by the qualities of a mother: caring, kind, loving, giving, and compassionate. Number 6 represents motherhood- they are the glue that keeps families or communities together.

    Though caring and loving by nature, they come with their own share of flaws and challenges. Number 6s can sometimes become too involved in the lives of their loved ones to the point where they become authoritative (very intrusive). Other times, they go out of their way to help others to an extent where they become a doormat for others to just stamp on and abuse.

    Nevertheless, number 6 is truly admired and adored in return for their selfless sacrifices and caring nature.


    If personality number 6 influence your chart, you are someone who exemplifies compassion, harmony, and understanding.

    People who are looking for comfort and empathy often seek you because they can feel your warmth and kindness. And sometimes you even encounter the wrong people; the ones who take advantage of your kindness.

    You are someone who gives everything in your power to maintain peace and harmony, that is your strongest impulse. Your passion for caring and nurturing others often go too far to the extent where you even sacrifice your own desires, and it becomes detrimental for yourself.

    Some people might even see you as a pushover and weak. And for this reason, they might use and take advantage of you. You must learn to guard against those who try to do so. However, it can be hard for you as you are not great at judging a character; you always see the good in others.

    You are someone who enjoys having people over and is very family-oriented. You have the qualities of a great parent; nurturing, protective, and empathetic. You are also loyal and passionate. You have a penchant for music, flowers, and gardening. You are very artistic and have a great eye for color.

    You are not much into fashion but do like to dress modestly. You go for clothes based on its comfort and utility. You also believe in seeing people for their personality and not for the way they look.

    You are incredibly generous and can be a tad illogical when it comes to handling your finances. You are also vulnerable to stress, criticism, and tend to worry a lot. You must learn to pull yourself together in moments of distress and deal with it positively.

    People like to seek your counsel and unload their problems. They see you as a maternal or a parental figure. This is because they find it easier to talk to you, can relax in your presence and always leave feeling peaceful after talking to you.

    You can be very sensitive and doesn’t seem to excel much in stressful work environments. As such, you may find yourself in careers such as teaching, nursing, counseling, nanny, or even law enforcement. When you are on a career path, your sense of duty and responsibility allows you to stick to your work for a long time.

    On the downside, you tend to have a superiority complex. There are times when you tend to be self-righteous and even become an intolerant religious zealot. You might also suffer from anxiety and insecurity.


    People with destiny number 6 are nurturing, compassionate, and responsible. Destiny will be kind to you because you are kind to everyone around you.  You are here with a purpose i.e. to help and counsel others.

    You are someone who gives out an aura of warmth and compassion that you don’t even need to seek people to help; instead, they will be drawn towards you. People will feel at ease around you. You are the harmony that keeps your family in sync.

    Your life revolves around family and home, they are your biggest concern, and you will do everything in your power to protect them. You don’t usually take charge of a situation, but if anything hinders or tries to wreck peace around you, you show great qualities of leadership and negotiation.

    If your chart is influenced by destiny number 6, you are likely to be diplomatic, tactful, caring, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, reliable, and loyal, to name a few. You are unconditional and often too generous to the point where you compromise your own well-being.

    Your almost instinctual and helping nature make people take you for granted and often take advantage of you. You tend to have a natural affinity for the underdog. You don’t expect any reward for what you do for others. You feel that it is your obligation to do good for others around you.

    You are a people pleaser and because you are all about loving and nurturing, you have a great tendency to feel essential to others. This is why you thrive when you choose a career path that allows you to help others. Professions like doctor, caregivers, nurse, firefighter, law keeper, and a counselor are all a good fit for you.

    On the negative side, while you are deeply involved in trying to lend a helping hand to everyone, you tend to set aside your own problems and challenges. This trait of yours can sometimes cause you to hide your emotions and internalize all your problems altogether. As a result, you get anxiety problems.

    For some people, your ability to internalize all your problems might make you seem like you have no problems in life. You might even come off as smug or complacent.

    As your chart is influenced by the number 6, you are driven by love and the fact that you are very attractive makes it easier to find people to flirt. However, you will have a hard time finding a suitable partner because of your inability to judge characters. You must seek a partner who is understanding and will tend to your needs


    Number 6 individuals are simply the best and harmonious beings. You are a peacemaker, kind, and loving. Always tending to other’s needs first, you are the shoulder for people to cry on. Learn to surround yourself with good people. Not everyone will come to you with good intentions. And also learn to be honest about your own problems and deal with it first instead of internalizing it.