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NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 7 – Life Path Number 7 Meanings

    Numerology Number 7


    The number 7 meaning is represented by the qualities of wisdom and is considered to be a spiritual number. Numerology number 7 is a symbol of inner knowledge and introspection.

    People born with number 7 usually tend to be introverts and thinkers who enjoy being in quiet solitude. They have an excellent taste for art and can be quite creative.

    They work best in fields that enable them to utilize their analytical and intuitive abilities. However, they can be quite verbally abusive, deceitful, critical, and skeptical of others.

    In relationships, people with numerology number 7 take their partners and loved ones seriously. Due to their shy nature, they struggle to find love and friends. But the few friends they do find are great for them.

    Most sevens live a single life but the ones who do, usually find wealthy in-laws. They have immense love and compassion for their children but not as much for others.


    Personality number shows how we express ourselves to others, our appearance, and what others think and observe about us. It also reveals the surrounding we prefer and enjoy being in.

    You can derive your personality number by summing up the consonants of your birth name using a Pythagorean numerology conversion chart.

    For example, say your name is MAHATMA GANDHI; MAHATMA (4+5+4+4=8), GANDHI (3+5+4+5=8)

    Now add the first and the second name to get a single digit number: 8+8=16=1+6=7, hence his personality number is 7.


    People born with Personality number 7 are mysterious, unique and are often searching for the higher truth; they are the seeker. They are highly intelligent, introspective, and self-sufficient. People respect them for their exceptional knowledge and wisdom. They usually make great listeners and are often perceived as wallflowers that are shrinking into the background as they are typically reticent or quiet, and they are too busy listening.

    People born with personality number 7 are not likely to attract others for their compassion but because of their comprehensive knowledge about the mysteries of the world. They despise gossiping and tend to alienate themselves from petty arguments and small-minded backstabbing or any social dramas.

    Personality number 7 are usually shy and withdrawn. They have impeccable manner but often struggle to interact with others, and it is common for people to notice them lose focus in their own mind in the middle of a conversation. They love their privacy, and so their accomplishments often go unnoticed.

    People with personality number 7 are very opinionated and tend to seem like they know it all, which can be annoying for others. People belonging to personality number 7 are cynical, arrogant, verbally abusive and often remain oblivious to the problems and emotions of others.

    They are spiritual and religious but have their own views about religion and the Creator. This makes them question the purpose of their existence and life in general. They are those who separate themselves off, go into the inner world and look for self-knowledge, so they can be considered as philosophers.

    Generally, they like to wear stylish clothes and look their best, but there are times when they have little to no concern at all when it comes to their outward appearance. Physically, they are tall, frail, and often prone to infections.


    Destiny number which is also referred as the expression number, tells us about our hidden talents, challenges, career path, the potential we have and the ways we can implement those in our life to achieve our goals. Our destiny number reveals the work best suited for us and specific aspects of our life that needs to be improved to reach our full potential.

    Your destiny number can be derived by summing all the letters in your birth name into a single digit.

    For example, full name: MARTINA HINGIS; MARTINA (4+1+9+2+9+5+1=31), HINGIS (8+9+5+7+9+1=39)

    Now add the first and last name and reduce it to a single digit, first name (31=3+1=4), last name (39=3+9=12=1+2=3). And lastly, we have (4+3=7)

    Hence, the destiny number for MARTINA HINGIS is 7.


    If a person’s chart is dominated by Destiny number 7, they are very intuitive, analytical, and thirst for more knowledge and truth. They often tend to be introverted and as such, prefer working alone. With acute analytical capabilities, they are great at coming up with rational solutions that work best for everyone.

    People with destiny number 7 are very much driven towards spiritual and scientific matters and as such, most of them choose a career path in the scientific field, academics or ministries. They can excel immensely as judges, spiritual leaders, or even peacemakers. They also do well as researchers and specialists in rare fields.

    Although their constant pursuit for higher knowledge and meaning allows them to question the underlying purpose of everything, it can make them skeptical about the good things that come to them and even doubt themselves.

    They are often taken by surprise when they meet others who seek knowledge as seriously as them and even try to distance themselves from such people. This causes them to become cynical and critical of others.

    People with destiny number 7 must learn to take things at face value and try to trust others. If you are a destiny number 7, you must try to avoid being too withdrawn from life and reality, or it might have a negative impact on you.


    Lucky number 7 individuals have a colorful variation of characteristics that make them an interesting individual. However, be wary not to let your thirst for knowledge consume you and remember to not question everything as it might deprive you of happiness. Sometimes, it’s best to just go with the flow. Amplify your strengths and live a vibrant life and most importantly, try to make the best out of your life.