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    soul urge number 1


    Soul numbers are relevant to the birthday. People who are born on the 1st, 10th, 19, ad 28th are generally blessed with the soul urge number 1. This number is extremely important because it can determine the path you will take throughout your life.

    Angel Numbers VS Soul Numbers

    If you are interested in learning more about soul numbers, you are probably already familiar with the angel number. Unlike angel numbers, which are controls by angels, soul numbers are controlled by the very important star, the sun.

    Soul and angel numbers can give one purpose. And, if utilized appropriately, they can take you down the right path to success. Unfortunately, way too many people do not know about these numbers. So, they cannot utilize them for their benefits.


    The soul urge number 1 is a sure sign of leadership. People with the number one have the instinct to lead. Many of the great leaders of the past and present are driven by the soul number 1.

    Just being born on the right day of the month is enough to push an individual into a leadership role. Teachers, principals, CEOs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and priests are natural-born leaders.

    Freedom Is Everything

    For people with the soul urge digit one freedom is everything. These individuals love the fact that they have the freedom to make decisions, speak freely, to think big, dream, and set goals of their choosing. All of this is possible through freedom. Just having the instinct to take advantage of liberty says a lot about a person.

    Demand Reliability

    Too many people in today’s society are not reliable. Well, this cannot be said for someone with the first number of the soul surge one their side. These individuals demand reliability from themselves.

    They desire to be there for their friends, family members, and close acquaintances when they are in need. You can always count on these individuals to come through when it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Soul Urge Number 1 Is Enthusiastic

    If you are a member of the soul urge one, you exhibit a lot of enthusiasm for life. People who are not lucky enough to be born in the soul surge number 1 period are oftentimes referred to as “Debbie downer” and “sour Sally”. These individuals lack the enthusiasm to see the positive side of things.

    Regardless of the situation, people who lack enthusiasm are never happy. In fact, they often suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.

    People with soul number 1 are enthusiastic about almost everything in life. They show spontaneous acts of kindness toward others even when they do not deserve it. They are passionate, grateful, positive and proud. These are the people you want to mingle with every day of the week.

    Lack Of Emotion

    The downside to the soul urge digit one is it lacks emotion. While it is rare for these individuals to never show their emotions, there are a few who are apathetic about everything. Beware of these individuals because the feelings can rub off on you. Poor emotional intelligence is very dangerous. It can lead to failure in every aspect of life.

    Fortunately, the numbers are low but they still stand out like a sore thumb. They do not show apathy for others or anything in life. This is not a good trait to have but it is one that comes along with the number one.

    Center Of Attention

    Is there anything wrong with wanting to be the center of attention? Well, many will agree that these individuals can be a little overbearing and rude at times. Soul number 1 people oftentimes feel the need to have an audience when they at work, out on the town, or mingling in a crowd. Whatever the case may be if you are one of these individuals you need to be very careful.

    It is not always a bad thing to have such a strong trait. In fact, many people who feel they need an audience no matter what they are doing. You can utilize this trait to climb the corporate ladder. You should not experience any problems when it comes to public speeches. People in leadership roles need to be able to perform in front of a crowd.

    What Soul Urge Number 1 Means For You

    Ultimately, you should know that your soul urge number can tell you a lot about you. First and foremost, you should know that you’re not a follower. Instead, you’re a leader. You are a born leader. You can take control of people and lead them to great things. On top of that, you command great respect.

    The people in your life are going to look up to you. Your strong personality can make a big difference in many lives. You should go out there and capture great things and you can do this by relying on others. Unfortunately, there is a chance that you’re going to be rigid.

    You have to be cautious when expressing yourself or you may say something that backfires.

    Soul Urge Number 1 And Success

    Finally, you should know that you have soul urge number 1 and this means that you’re going to be very successful in the future. You might not be successful yet but you will get there. You need to align yourself with the calling of the universe. If you do that, you’ll eventually find the success that you’re after. Take your time and listen to the spirits. As someone who has a soul urge number 1, you can guarantee that your future will be a successful one.