Numerology Number 8

NUMBER 8 MEANING Number 8 meaning in numerology is best represented by someone who is practical, determined, confident, and responsible. It’s meaning is often misunderstood, it is often regarded wrongly as the number of power and wealth. If your chart is influenced by the number 8, there’s no doubt that you will reap what you … Read more

NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 7 – Life Path Number 7 Meanings

Numerology Number 7

NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 7 MEANINGS The number 7 meaning is represented by the qualities of wisdom and is considered to be a spiritual number. Numerology number 7 is a symbol of inner knowledge and introspection. People born with number 7 usually tend to be introverts and thinkers who enjoy being in quiet solitude. They have an … Read more


Numerology Number 6

NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 6 MEANING In numerology, each number have distinct personalities; each with their own unique qualities and attributes that separates one from the other The number 6 meaning in numerology is represented by the qualities of a mother: caring, kind, loving, giving, and compassionate. Number 6 represents motherhood- they are the glue that keeps … Read more

Numerology Number 3 Meanings – The Creator

Numerology Number 3

The result of the synthesis of 1 and 2 is the number 3 which reminds us of the result of the human and divine spark. Highly associated with creativity, numerology number 3 plays an important role in both history and modern times. All numbers play an important role in how the world is going to … Read more

Numerology Number 2 Meanings – Life Path Number 2

numerology number 2

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT NUMEROLOGY NUMBER 2 Number Two: The peacemaker Famous individuals with numerology number 2: Bill Clinton, Edison, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Thomas Hardy, Napoleon III Good traits: Diplomatic and amiable Bad traits: Oversensitive and insecure Lucky Color: Turquoise Planet: Moon MEANING OF PERSONALITY NUMBER 2 Numerology Number two meaning is ruled by the … Read more