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The Aries Man – Traits, Personality, Love Compatibility & More…

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    What You Need To Know About Aries MenAries Man

    Given that the Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, you can expect that Aries man to always want to be the center of attention. This isn’t something that comes from a narcissistic place, but it is something that just comes from self-assurance of his own capabilities and all-around awesomeness. You could easily see though how it could look like it was coming from a narcissistic place. It would look that way to anyone from the outside, and this is why if you want to truly date an Aries, you are going to have to learn what they are all about. And, that’s going to start with learning their traits and characteristics.

    Aries Man Personality, Traits, Characteristics

    While the Aries might need to be the center of attention, they are without a doubt one of the easiest signs to understand. This doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with their traits. It just means that they will be out there for everyone to see. And, it all starts with their mixture of a fearless warrior and undisciplined child. They are action people, extroverted, and assertive. They want to be in charge, the boss, the hunter, and the instigator. It doesn’t get any plainer than that. This gives them the ability to be bold, spontaneous, and independent.

    The man is particularly masculine and virile almost to the point of being macho, so this might be a hard pill for some women to swallow. Don’t be turned completely off just yet because he is very much in touch with his inner child in both a good and bad way. On a plus, he doesn’t live to be fun and adventurous.

    Best Match For Aries Man (Compatibility)

    Aquarius man compatiblity

    Given that the Aries is proud and courageous at heart, they match up well with a lot of other signs. They also love hard work and challenges and never shy away from a fight, which also makes them a mismatch with others. That being said, there is no denying that their traits are admirable to some individuals. The only problem is that these traits make them challenging individuals for relationships. Of all the signs out there, it is the Leo that best matches with the Aries. And, this is because this is a sign that they will not be able to dominate. While the Aries likes to dominate, they also love a challenge. And, there is no better sign to give them that challenge than the Leo, as both are fire signs and Leos likes to take the lead as well.

    Friends And Family

    When it comes to friends and family, the Aries’ motto is “the more, the better.” These individuals absolutely thrive on variety. The Aries can get along with anyone. In fact, they like hanging with a diverse range of individuals that all have something unique to bring to the table. The Aries might come off like an Alpha male, but he isn’t going to shy away from anyone. These individuals love widely differing characters.

    The only problem is that if you want a long-lasting relationship with an Aries, you are going to have to be willing to bring the same energy that they bring, which is oftentimes no easy feat. Given their independent and ambitious nature, these individuals will be self-reliant from a very early age. They’ll without a doubt be one of those friends of family members that you can turn to in a tough time or when you are in need.

    Aries man in loveDating An Aries Man

    Aries are highly competitive by nature. When they find something they want, they will pursue it to the ends of the earth. This includes the woman that they are after. So, you are in luck if you are interested in an Aries man because he will follow you wherever you go. Don’t worry about getting wooed and romanticized because he will be doing more than enough of it. He’ll want to be right at the center of your universe. However, there is one major problem with this competitive nature. And, that is that it can sometimes turn into jealousy. If he sees or even hears about another guy approaching you, he’ll want to do whatever he can do to outshine that individual. Along with this, the Aries’ approach can sometimes be immature and annoying. His heart might be easily broken in the process, but there is literally nothing that will keep this energetic force of mass down.

    Dating An Aries Man

    You sometimes have to be careful with the Aries man because love is truly like a battlefield to him. He is the conqueror and when he fixates on getting someone, he’ll do whatever it takes to get that person, as you learned above. If you are dating an Aries man, you won’t have to worry about much because he will want to provide. In fact, it may come to the point where it seems like he is taking away your independence. This might not always be the case, but Aries men do like it when their women rely on them for nearly everything. All you have to do is be receptive and keep up with the conversations that he imitates. These individuals are also keenly observant, so he’ll know right away if you are or are not interested in him. If you are not this doesn’t mean that he will give up his pursuit right away.

    How To Tell If An Aries Man Likes YouHow To Tell If An Aries Man Likes You

    You might think that you already have the Aries all figured out given their expressive nature. Well, this isn’t always the case at all. Sure, you’ll probably know right away if he likes you or not because he’ll chase you to the ends of the earth trying to win over your affections. That being said, this doesn’t mean that there won’t sometimes be things going on inside his head that you are unsure about. Along with this, his peculiar way of trying to dazzle everyone can sometimes be a bit misleading. That’s why you’ll want to look for these signs and they’ll let you know if he really is interested in you.

    First, he’ll smile a lot when he sees you. Secondly, you’ll just see it all over him. His body language will betray him. He’ll have such a fire built up inside him that he won’t be able to conceal it. You’ll simply be able to read it all over him.

    Lastly, you are going to know whether or not he’s interested in you because Aries like to make their territory. When you are with other people, he’ll come in and try to get your attention. This type of behavior might even come off as envy or jealousy, but he simply just wants to be the main character of your desires, your dreams, and your reality.

    How To Seduce An Aries Man

    Seducing an Aries man is really going to be one of the easiest things that you ever do. All you have to do is simply pay the guy compliments. These are things that he needs to recognize in his manhood. There will be no bigger turn off for him than you tell him how you feel. It is extremely important for his personal image. Along with this, you’ll want to be as transparent as you can. Aries like clear situations. Too much confusion will do just that, confusion the situation.

    How To Text An Aries Man

    How To Text An Aries Man

    Luckily, chasing an Aries man isn’t too complicated at all. You just learned above that they like clear situations. And, that is simply how you need to approach any situation with them. If you want to really grab his attention, make sure that you let him know what you want. Aries men love a woman who is not afraid to express what she wants when she wants it.

    Aries Man In BedAries Man In Bed

    For some individuals, the Aries can be a little too dominating in bed. In fact, some people might even call them sadists. They are forever young at heart and will keep you in any position as long as they are dominant. They sometimes have a tendency to be a bit disrespectful so this is something that you are going to want to look out for.

    If you promise an Aries man that you are going to do something for him in bed, you best fulfill that promise or he’ll no longer respect you. It will be a major plus for this individual if you are into pain. You’ll find that some of his favorite positions are from behind. In the missionary position, he might like to kneel between your legs and lift your buttocks in the air. Simply put, it’s all about being in control.

    How To Get An Aries Man To Commit

    From what you’ve read so far, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that if you want an Aries man to commit, you simply just need to give in to his every whim. Although these individuals do love a lady in stress, this is not the way to their hearts. They do not want a woman that has to rely on them constantly. They do like a woman that is capable. This doesn’t mean they won’t disapprove of doing things for it. It just means that they will want you to watch and learn from them. For instance, if you call him over to change a fuse make sure you watch what he does so that you’ll know how to do it yourself next time. This will be a huge turn-on for him.

    How To Make Aries Man Miss You

    Making an Aries man miss you isn’t hard at all. You’ve likely already noticed that when he’s not with you, he likes you contacting him. All you have to do is simply cut that contact off. At first, this might be a good and exciting thing for him, as he likes to chase his woman. However, you cut off too much contact and get distant and he might take it as a sign that you are no longer interested. This is not to say that you’ll want to completely cut him off. You don’t want him to think that you are cheating or not interested. Just simply cut back a little here and there. Enough to make him know that you aren’t around as much as you used to be.

    How To Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You

    How To Make Aries Man Miss You

    Aries men are pure at heart, but they won’t easily won’t for any girl they meet. If you want to get an Aries man to fall completely in love with you and make a commitment, you are going to need to step up your game. Start by being mature. Even though the Aries is boyish at heart, they do love a mature woman that can understand them. You also have to possess an innate ability to handle certain situations wisely. Aries men like mature women that know how to take a difficult situation and make it neutral.

    How To Know If An Aries Man Is Rejecting You

    The one great thing about the Aries man is that he can’t hide his feelings for too long. This means that if he isn’t interested, you’ll know right away. He’ll likely either come out and tell you that he isn’t interested or he’ll show a lack of interest by not paying attention to you. Either way, you’ll know that it is time to move on and seek greener pastures.

    How To Get An Aries Man BackHow To Get An Aries Man Back

    Getting an Aries man back is going to be a tough feat, but it is one that is completely obtainable. First, you’re going to want to start by being open and honest with him. Own up to your part of the failure in the relationship then move on to how you can rectify the issue. Remember, Aries men like a mature woman that can take a bad situation and make it neutral. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing here and it’ll drive him crazy. Avoid making him jealous at all costs because this is likely going to lead to violence. Get him to feel that he has the last word, that you are at his mercy. This will be the best place to start.

    When An Aries Man Is Hurt

    Unfortunately, a hurt Aries man is not going to be a pretty sight. That being said, there is one lucky thing about the situation. And, this is that you won’t likely see the hurt. You’ll know it because he’ll disappear. When Arieses are hurt they like to withdraw into themselves. They don’t want others seeing their feelings, which means if he’s hurting, he’ll likely be nowhere to be found. This is something that helps keep his fiery temper under control, and you’ll be glad he approached the situation in this manner because you don’t want the Aries to lose his temper.

    Aries Man Career & FinanceAries Man Career & Finance

    In general, Aries men make for strong leaders within their scope of business or professional interests. They are endowed with a powerful entrepreneurial spirit, great motivational energies plus immense drive and, are likely to undertake projects or ventures that can make them very successful in the generation of an above average income or financial rewards.

    With a tremendous business intelligence and acumen, the Arian men are quick to identify their opportunities and chances in life, especially so within their chosen career arena. They can by nature be extremely shrewd, cunning, deceiving and exploiting at times, and especially so where it involves issues of promotion and pay rises.

    One personality that the Arian should give due consideration to is the tendency for extravagance. This is a man who has total belief in his own abilities to overcome all obstacles. He has the inherent ability to work hard and relentlessly with every likelihood of making a lot of money in the process, however, he can lack the ability to hold onto financial reserves for those rainy days or even a complete failure in the optimistic belief that if a set back occurs he will rapidly be able to recover.

    So, if you have an Arian man in your life, you can expect to be showered with diamonds and pearls when things are good, but you might have to hock them at a later date to help finance his next recovery project. This is a guy who can tend to spend a lot of money on things that may not be absolutely necessary in his life.

    Suitable Vocations For Aries:

    The Aries man needs a vocation career interest that will provide for their inherent need for independence, initiative, action, leadership and authority. As result Arian men are likely to excel well in such professions as:

    Chief Executives, Financial advisors, Managers, Strategists, Doctors, Surgeons, Dental, Professional sports, Entertainers, Hairdressing, Landlord & Property Development, Lawyer, Make-up artist, Neurologist, Optometrist, Public Relations, Journalism.

    Other vocation arenas for the Aries Man are likely to be in:

    Film Production, Video Game Design, Industries connected to machines or metals, the Military, Police force, Fire service, Motor sales, Armaments manufacture or any form of entrepreneurial activity, including that of Internet businesses.

    Famous Aries Men are:

    Russell Crowe, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Steve McQueen, Jackie Chan, Leonard Nimoy, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Heath Ledger, Leonardo da Vinci, Al Gore, David Letterman, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Vincent Van Gogh, Hugh Hefner.