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Taurus Man Traits, Personality, Love Compatibility & More…

    taurus man sign

    What A Taurus Man Wants In A Woman?taurus man

    Another earth sign that deserves attention is the Taurus man. For women, the Taurus male is mysterious and interesting.

    Women who have experience with these males will agree that their relationship was tumultuous at times. 

    This is especially true for couples who share the personality stubbornness personality trait.

    If you are new to this, you will be happy to discover that Tauruses are not fighters. Their personality leans more toward loving with a mixture of stubbornness.

    Learn more about the male Taurus by reading the rest of this article.

    Taurus Man Personality, Traits, Characteristics

    Some of the personality traits of Taurus men have already been discussed in this article.

    But, let’s delve a little deeper, as it could be an interesting read.

    For those who are trying to learn more about the males of this sign, it is crucial to take note of the stubborn Taurus traits personality. It is unclear where the stubbornness comes from, and you sure do not want to experience it.

    With that said, there is more to discover about this sign, especially when it comes to the man.

    Along with a trait of stubbornness, these males are known to hold a long-term grudge against their trespassers. The grudge could be related to just about anything, but it stems from hurtfulness.

    Taurus men do not take kindly to be hurt. And, they are not easy to forgive, even if the culprit asks.

    So, be careful where you tread when it comes to the male figure of this sign. You could find yourself in a world of hurt or in the doghouse for weeks, months, or years.

    Another characteristic worth mentioning is safety. Taurus men are known for taking unnecessary risks.

    They lean more on the side of caution, regardless of what type of situation they find themselves in.

    If you are a risk-taker who enjoys adrenaline rushes, the Taurus male may not be a good fit for you. If you are a firm believer in safety coming first, the fit would be a match in Heaven. 

    Best Match For The Taurus Man (Taurus Man Compatibility)

    best match for taurus man

    Compatible zodiac signs of the Taurus include Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer. Women of these signs make the perfect match for men of the Taurus sign.

    Now, with that said, you should rule on the side of caution when it comes to dating a Taurus man. These males are not accustomed to taking risks in personal relationships. They are more likely to sit back and watch the relationship grow gradually over time.

    If you are accustomed to dating men who are quick to say, “I love you,” you may surely be disappointed in this new relationship. In fact, you may be the first to express your feelings in the relationship.

    Taurus men are more likely to conceal their feelings instead of express them.

    Now, this does not necessarily mean his heart is empty. It just means that he may not verbalize them to you any time soon in the relationship. It could take months or even years for the male Taurus to fully open up about his feelings toward you or anyone else for that matter.

    If you are looking for a mate who is dependable, diligent, and trustworthy, you should look no further than this earth sign. You need to be prepared to date a man who keeps his feelings concealed from others.

    Friends And Family

    Again, here we see another male who had rather stayed at home than mingle in a crowd. Taurus males are considered by their friends and family members as homebodies.

    This is not always a bad personality trait, but it can cause turbulence in a relationship when the partner is of the complete opposite.

    Taurus males enjoy spending time at home with family and friends. They are often seen as “couch potatoes” who prefer watching television to clubs, sports venues, and large gatherings. A woman with the same personality trait would make the perfect match, not an extrovert female.

    Unlike some zodiac signs, Taurus men have a big appetite for home cooking.

    Every chance these men get, they will visit their parents and grandparents’ home to share meals with them. There really isn’t anything wrong with this but not every female will appreciate their partner spending so much time with family.

    Taurus Man In Lovetaurus man in love

    A Taurus man in love is one who is patient, gentle, and generous. You will never hear one of these males speak of their feelings to friends or family. It will take a long time for that to happen, even if you are the perfect match for him.

    You can expect to spend hours in conversation about various topics if you opt to date one of these males. If you are not a good communicator, you better be a good listener.

    But, still, you should not expect the topic to involve his feelings for you. A quick emotional process is not a trait shared by the Taurus man when in love. In fact, they prefer mulling over their feelings, trying to determine what they really mean before voicing them to others.

    Dating A Taurus Man

    Taurus men are suitable matches for Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio females.

    If your zodiac sign is one of these, you may already know that you have an attraction to the male Taurus. If not, you are in for a treat.

    Dating one of these men will not be all bad. In fact, if you can conform to the lackey-daisy lifestyle of the Taurus male, the relationship will be unbreakable.

    First, you need to be open to the idea. Diving headfirst into a pool of unknown depth is never recommended. And, that is exactly what you would be doing in this case.

    How To Tell If A Taurus Man Likes Youhow to tell if a taurus man likes you

    As mentioned above, the male Taurus generally does not open up about his feelings for a long time.

    So, you should not expect to hear him voice his feelings at first. It may take several weeks or months before his true feelings come out.

    In the meantime, you can enjoy being treated like a queen. Taurus men are known for their gentle, kind, and protective nature. And, romance is never an issue with this zodiac sign.

    How To Seduce A Taurus Man

    Before you can hit the bed with your Taurus guy, you’ll need to seduce him. Taurus guys do not make quick, rash decisions.

    So, you’ll need to work diligently to get him to fall for you. You’ll want to play to his strengths too.

    One of the most important things to remember is that he wants a lady. You need to stay a lady in his eyes so you can maintain his respect. If you’re able to maintain his respect, you can guarantee that he’ll fall in love with you.

    Taurus Man In Bed

    taurus man in bed

    You’ll find quickly that Taurus guys love physical contact.

    Also, he is going to look at sex differently than a lot of guys. He’ll want a romantic setting, and he’ll want to make love instead of having sex. If you want the best experience, you’ll need to give him orders.

    Tell him what you want. You may have a tough time getting him into bed, but it’ll pay off.

    With a Taurus man, your experience is going to be unlike anything else you’ve ever had before.

    How To Get A Taurus Man To Commit

    You want your Taurus boyfriend to commit, so you’ll need to prove your independence. You’ll also need to get your act together and stay patient.

    Taurus males are not going to rush, so you can’t expect him to commit to the relationship overnight.

    Furthermore, you need to make sure that you share the same goals. If you have corresponding goals, it’ll be easier to work together to meet those goals.

    Then, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship and get him to commit to you. Finally, you should be there for him.

    When he has trouble, you should be his rock. Be there for him, and he’ll always be there for you.

    How To Make A Taurus Man Miss Youhow to make a taurus man miss you

    If you want your Taurus boyfriend to miss you, you’ll have to work at it. If you’re around at all times, he won’t have the chance to miss you.

    So, it would be best if you restricted your presence. Stay away from him a bit until he starts calling. Don’t text him constantly, or he’ll never miss you.

    You’ll also want to spend some time away from social media. You have to prevent him from contacting you, so he’ll find out how much he cares. It is a fine idea to challenge his strengths too.

    These guys believe that they’re well suited for this situation, but that isn’t always the case.

    You’ll want to challenge him and see if he can make it without you. If he sincerely cares, you can guarantee that he is going to contact you relentlessly until he gets a response. Then, you’ll know that he indeed misses you.

    How To Make A Taurus Man Obsessed With You

    You’ll want to drive your man wild. If you’re dealing with a Taurus guy, you’ll want to start working on this immediately.

    For starters, you should tell him that you like him. He’ll likely do everything possible to hide his emotions, but you shouldn’t. Let him know that you are attracted to him, and he may do the same.

    Simultaneously, you need to do your best to make him feel comfortable. You’ll also need to work diligently to win his trust. If you’re able to do that, you know that he is going to give you his attention.

    Finally, you need to step back. You can’t overwhelm him with your presence.

    You must give him plenty of time to find out what he wants. Show him that you’re willing to wait, and he’ll likely come back with the answer that you want.

    How To Know If A Taurus Man Is Rejecting You

    If your Taurus friend is rejecting you, it is pertinent to find out as quickly as possible. Doing so will help ensure that you can avoid getting your heartbroken.

    So, you’ll want to identify the signs that something could be wrong.

    For starters, you should pay attention to his attitude.

    Does he leave the room when you enter? If so, this likely means that he is not feeling you. The good news is that Taurus males tend to be straightforward. If he doesn’t like you, he may tell you about it. If he doesn’t, he is going to ignore you.

    Suffice to say, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine if he isn’t digging you. If he doesn’t approach you and chat with you, he likely doesn’t want to be with you, so you’ll want to end your pursuit.

    How To Get A Taurus Man Back

    how to get a taurus man back

    If you’ve hurt a Taurus guy’s feelings, you’re going to have big problems to deal with.

    These men tend to take insults very personally, and they’re not going to forgive quickly. You’ll need to work for a long time to win him back. He is likely telling himself no, so you need to change his opinion.

    To do that, you should be honest with him. Don’t lie, or he is going to find out, and that will kill your chances. You’ll also want to use compliments to your advantage. Taurus guys love receiving compliments, so you can guarantee that they’re going to work.

    However, you shouldn’t overwhelm him. He may need time and space to heal. If this is the case, you’ll want to step away and give him plenty of time. When he is ready to work things out, you can guarantee that he’ll contact you.

    When A Taurus Man Is Hurt

    The Taurus man can get hurt easily, so you need to be very careful about saying the wrong thing. If you say something awful, you’re going to hurt his feelings. You have to understand that these guys tend to take things more personally than others.

    Taurus men have huge hearts, so they’re not going to appreciate someone playing with their emotions. If you’ve been playing games with him, you’ll want to end that immediately. This is a good way to ruin your relationship and tick him off.

    You need to realize that it is going to take him a long time to heal.

    He believes you broke his security, so it is going to take time to build that trust again. Ask for his forgiveness, but you may have to get used to his silent treatment for a bit.